For more information about GASTROGARD® (omeprazole), contact your veterinarian or Merial at 1-888-Merial 1, Option 3.

Active Ingredient



For the treatment of gastric/stomach ulcers in horses and foals 4 weeks of age and older.


The minimum recommended dosage is 1.8 mg/lb per day (4.0 mg/kg). Weight markings on the syringe plunger can be used for dosing; the contents of one syringe will dose a 1,250 lb. horse.

GASTROGARD should be administered orally once a day for 4 weeks (28 days). For dosing tips, click here.


Not for use in humans. Keep this and all medication out of the reach of children. In case of ingestion by human, contact a physician. Not for horses intended for human consumption.

Information for Horse Owners

GASTROGARD is intended for use in horses diagnosed with stomach ulcers.

GASTROGARD administered at the recommended dosage for 28 days healed or reduced severity of gastric ulcers in 99% of treated horses.1,2

In field trials involving 139 horses, including foals as young as one month of age, no adverse reactions attributable to the active ingredient.1

May be used in breeding stallions. Safety in breeding mares has not been conducted.1

The safety of GASTROGARD has not been determined in pregnant or lactating mares.

Gastric ulcers may recur in horses if therapy to prevent recurrence is not administered after the initial treatment is completed. For information about preventing equine stomach ulcers, click here.

Storage Information

Store at 68°F - 77°F (20°C - 25°C). Excursions between 59°F - 86°F (15°C - 30°C) are permitted.

Customer Assistance

For more information about GASTROGARD® (omeprazole), contact your veterinarian or Merial at 1-888-Merial 1, Option 3.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: ULCERGARD can be used in horses that weigh at least 600 pounds. Safety in pregnant mares has not been determined.
CAUTION: Safety of GASTROGARD in pregnant or lactating mares has not been determined. For prescribing information click here.
*When administered for 8 or 28 days, ULCERGARD is proven to effectively prevent gastric ulcers in horses exposed to stressful conditions.
1 GASTROGARD Oral Paste product label.
2 Freedom of Information Summary for GASTROGARD Oral Paste.
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